Home Repair and Handyman Training

Handyman Training Can Open The Door to Self-Employment in a World Where Jobs Are Hard to Get.

With unemployment at record levels and job prospects looking bleak, self-employment is one answer that makes sense.

Unemployment is Ravaging the American Family, How Can Handyman Training Help?

Handyman training will allow you to create your own job instead of being dependent on someone else to do it for you. With the proper training you can earn a decent living without needing a big company to find merit in your application, choose you for the interview against the four hundred other applicants, and then actually hire you.

As a trained handyman you become the business instead. You become dependent on your skills, training and resourcefulness to determine your income. You are your own solution as well as being a solution for the hundreds of potential customers who need a more reasonable alternative to expensive repairs and services.

Home Repair Training vs. Handyman Training, Which One is Right For You?

Home repair training is about becoming less dependent on contractors for solving your home repair problems. Handyman training is all about becoming the person your neighbors are dependent upon to solve their home repair problems.

How Long Have You Been Looking For A Financial Answer?

Have you been unemployed for three months, six months, a year or more? Has the economy collapse left you with no job, no savings, and a dim view of your future? Is your budget so tight that you’ve had to give up entirely on things you used to see as essentials? You are not alone.

There are thousands of Americans in the same boat right now.

Fortunately you found this site and the solutions available to you today. As I’m going to show you, the current economy will actually help you build a profitable handyman business. All it takes is a desire to get out of the financial crisis you’re in, some handyman training, and some creative free advertizing to get yourself started.

Why is The Handyman Business The Right Solution For You?

The Handyman Business Offers:

  • Variable Hours.
  • Scalable Services as Your Learning Increases.
  • Low Start up Costs.
  • Increasing Demand as Economy Stays Bad or Gets Worse
  • Referral based, one person business..(You can do it on your own)

Big Business is Shrinking, Handyman Businesses are Gaining Momentum.

As the economic times get more and more bleak and people seek ways to save money, spend less, and keep more of what they earn, they look to fix things instead of replacing them. They look for ways to save on things like roof repairs or plumbing repairs.

This is where the smart handyman takes advantage of the times.

By being a handyman instead of a big time licensed plumbing contractor, your overhead is much lower, and so are your prices. In many cases a handyman will cost half or less of the big plumbing or roofing company. In hard times people appreciate that and will seek you out for their home repairs.

Handyman Training Gives You More Options For Work and a Stable Income.

Handyman Training Makes You More Hirable.

Handyman Training can give you more jobs.

Proper Handyman Training Gives You:

  • The ability to do more types of jobs.
  • The ability to solve many problems effectively.
  • Repeat business.
  • A broadening Customer base.
  • The ability to contract with realtors and businesses as well as homeowners.
  • Trading opportunities which can be quite profitable.
  • The satisfaction of doing a job well and getting paid for it.

If I have your interest and you’re beginning to wonder what training is available for the would-be handyman in you, please check out the Handyman Training Page.